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Crystalline Autumn

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I started my channel as an ASMR channel in October 2012 under the name Mystic Autumn ASMR. I changed my channel name to Crystalline Autumn ASMR in 2021. I started my channel at a time when the ASMR community was still very small. I created my channel to be able to contribute to a community that helped me fall asleep and relax. In 2023 I decided to drop the ASMR label and just focus on having relaxing videos.


๐Ÿ’— Crystalline Autumn is an ASMR video creator with over 10,100 subscribers. Crystalline Autumn joined YouTube 11 years ago, and has uploaded 442 ASMR videos with over 757,414 total views. Crystalline Autumn is from United States.


A historical overview of all namechanges of Crystalline Autumn :

  • Autumn Mystic -
  • Autumn Mystic ASMR -
  • Crystalline Autumn ASMR -


ASMR Whisper Soft Spoken female woman autonomous sensory meridian response lowfi low-fi old school ASMR

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