IndigoStars ASMR

IndigoStars ASMR

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Hey guys!

My name is Indigo and I make a wide variety of relaxing and entertaining videos.
The main focus is ASMR videos, which are meant to induce tingles (google it!).

I have, with my creative partner Cass Vansen, built a rich lore with story lines and characters, which you can enjoy by watching the videos or reading up on my blog. Most of my characters are vampires, but I also have a bunch of fantasy creatures and a cute ghost girl.

Besides that I do livestreams, unboxings, storytelling/reading, gameplay & ramble vlogs.

☆★Please check out my social media, as well, I'm pretty active there!

☆★If you want to support my work, consider a donation or becoming a Patron.

☆★Contact me through e-mail only to ask about custom videos/commission work

All my love and hugs,

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