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Hello :) I am here to help trigger people's ASMR and to help people relax and sleep. Subscribe:) I love all of you!!!

**ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is the tingling feeling you get in your scalp, neck and limbs when triggered by certain auditory, visual, or cognitive stimuli. It can also be used to induce a state of relaxing euphoria or even to fall asleep. It has been reported that ASMR has helped soothe the effects of PTSD, insomnia, anxiety, and much more. Common triggers include: soft spoken or whispered voices, close up personal attention, tapping or scratching, crinkling plastic, hair brushing, roleplays, watching someone create art or perform a task, and much much more! Explore the world of ASMR, it is wonderful! I hope my channel can help you with your needs and bring you to a state of bliss :)

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