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no two people are the same and therefore no two people will experience asmr in the same way.
my videos are a reflection of art.
I'm here hoping to share a few beautiful words with you. i remember as a young child i could fall into a trance wile hearing my teacher read to me.
i had no idea i was under the trance of ASMR , as i got older i would find myself in a calm state of mind with different noises.
now i know what ASMR is and would love to help other enjoy it as well.
you will find all sorts of asmr tingles here with me, from role plays, up close whispers, feet and tickling videos. I love being unique, come be a part of my family of raregems. I promise at least one of my videos will make your day and help you sleep =)

I am a squirrel master, and a Jedi, if I was a man my name would be henry, I like butterfly's, and now, you know who I am.

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