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I'm half Spanish, quarter Chinese, quarter Filipino!

I tend to make the volume of my video high when editing, so you watch it in low volume, so if any Ad comes up, You wont be scared! (My channel is not monetised, so I cannot control the Ad side of thing.

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Life is Hard, 😊😊😊Let My Channel be a Secret Harbour for You Where You Can Rest and Relax...😴😴 ASMR Relaxation for Sleep and Tingles. Awesome Hypnotising Triggers including Calming Tapping, Scratching, Whisper, Massage, Cutting Thanks for all the supports! I am less shy now.


1. Embrace Child Victims of Crime (I was a victim of crime as a 5 yr old)
2. World Vision
3. UnderPrivileged Kids Charity
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