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Welcome to my ASMR channel. I hope you will enjoy some of these videos whether you are here for the tingles or just to find some peace and quite while trying to relax.Hopefully the combination of sounds and visuals will enhance the experience.

What is ASMR? Most of us know it's that tingly sensation that you get in the back of your scalp, sometimes going down your spine and other parts of the body. It is pleasurable and relaxing. There's not a lot of research on this phenomena yet and not everyone feels it.

There's a lot more to that pleasurable physical feeling though. Most ASMR videos provide personal attention and make the viewer feel cared for and safe. I like to believe this feeling called ASMR is a primal body response to the feeling of being safe and loved.

I believe ASMR may not only help you relax and sleep, but it can also help to find comfort and can be a powerful tool to be more mindful and deal with stress better. A shortcut to meditation.


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