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Lilibette ASMR

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My name is Lilibette (Elizabeth). I am an ASMRtist/Role Playing Artist with a great love for acting and for all things spooky!

Here you will find anything from Classic Style ASMR to Alternative ASMR (at times delving into the 'weird' or spooky side) with a theatrical spin on most ASMR Role Plays

REQUESTS Disclaimer: You are welcome to make requests via comment, twitter, email, etc. If I feel the request is beneficial to the ASMR community, if I am /comfortable/ with said request which varies, and if I feel I have the means to pull it off, I will at least /consider/ it. Please note some requests may take longer to achieve filming than others due to finances and things going on in my personal life. (Please note that I DO NOT create custom videos, sorry!)

//VERY HIGHLY recommended that you listen to these videos with headphones on, in order to achieve the best effect. //

Serious business inquiries are welcome to email me.

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