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Lilibette ASMR

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My name is Lilibette (Elizabeth). I am an ASMRtist/Role Playing Artist with a great love for acting.

Here you will find anything from Classic Style ASMR to Alternative ASMR (at times delving into the 'weird' or spooky side) with a theatrical spin on most ASMR Role Plays

Uploading once a week.

REQUESTS Disclaimer: You are welcome to make requests via comment, twitter, email, etc. If I feel the request is beneficial to the ASMR community, if I am /comfortable/ with said request which varies, and if I feel I have the means to pull it off, I will at least /consider/ it. Please note some requests may take longer to achieve filming than others due to finances. You can help me achieve more requests/videos faster thru Patreon.

//VERY HIGHLY recommended that you listen to these videos with headphones on, in order to achieve the best effect. //

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