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Hello! My name is Lisa or Eyevoree. I am a Twitch streamer that has gone back and forth with Youtube and Twitch content for years! I started doing ASMR in roughly August of 2017 and I love it! It changed my life! I hope that my ASMR relaxes you and makes you feel wonderful. Please don't hesitate to request triggers!

I create a wide variety of content for ASMR. I do it for the sole purpose of helping others in ways that include:
• relaxation
• sleep aid
• reducing loneliness
• aiding in coming down from panic attacks
• study aids.

I do not support the creation of sexualized ASMR, as I feel it hurts the community and the people who create real ASMR. I am a huge supporter of sex workers, but I do not feel this type of content should ever, or can ever mix. I will not ever, in any way, create suggestive content, so please don't ask me to. If you request these videos on my Patreon, I will refund your money, as I will not be able to fulfill your requests.


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