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Hey! So I make ASMR videos with a pinch of humour, so you can either relax, fall asleep, tingle or laugh to my videos. Or do all four :D
I like to do a mixture of things, straight up ASMR trigger videos for pure relaxation and tingles. Some of which contain no talking so you can play in the background while studying/concentrating on something else. Some have whispering or soft speaking or a mixture of both while making some great sounds with objects.
While I'm here I'll introduce you to some of my ASMR roleplay characters...
Nancy - she's the favourite, an awkward doctor who is in love with you. She can also do eye exams, dentistry and who knows what else.
Olga - she is fantastically terrible and doing makeup, whether it be her own or yours.
Esmeralda - just the person to get your negative energy removed, aura balanced, Reiki performed badly and so on.
There are many more so please sit/lie back, relax and enjoy the ASMR ride. :)



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