michelle’s whispers asmr

michelle’s whispers asmr

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Hey there sleepy,

This is an ASMR channel. You will find relaxing videos that hopefully help you sleep or just relax. It can also help with depression or anxiety, so I hope you can find some peace on this channel 💗 I absolutely love slow ASMR so you will find mostly slow and gentle ASMR content here!
I personally love whispering as a trigger when I watch ASMR, so you will find a lot of WHISPER RAMBLES, PERSONAL ATTENTION and ROLEPLAYS as well as TAROT ASMR. However there will of course also be a variety of other videos and I am always open to suggestions.

I am looking forward to many relaxing hours and cozy chats!

remember I believe in you and in your unique abilities 🌙

All my links: https://linktr.ee/michelleswhispersasmr

Business e-mail: [email protected]

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