Pink Skies ASMR

Pink Skies ASMR

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Hello! My name is Savannah, here to bring relaxation to all the eukaryotes out there.

This is an ASMR channel "Yeah.. got that, but what is ASMR???" GOOD Question. Psychologists & biologists are still researching this, but what we do know is that ASMR is known as a "deep sense of relaxation" that can even come in the form of tingles running down your spine. This sensation is often "triggered" by sounds and visual images, which is where I come in!

The whole point of this channel is to bring you relaxation, to distract you from anxiety/problems, and to help you sleep. Please don't use ASMR as a treat all for psychological illnesses though, please seek professional help when needed.

On this channel, you'll see soft spoken and whispered "role play" scenarios, fast and aggressive visual triggers, slow and calming visuals, & more to help you fall asleep fast and relax! I will not tolerate any type of hate, negativity, or inappropriate content on this channel.

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