The ASMR Collection

The ASMR Collection

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We here at TAC love ASMR so much so that we decided to provide it twice a day for you all! All our videos are only seen here and you get the full versions! We are strictly a family friendly channel and do not tolerate any sexualization of our videos! We just love the sounds that come from mouths, slime, foam, and all kinds of things so much so that we made a sound studio and came together as a group to make this content.

Everyone on this channel is signed with TheASMRCollective, some of our ASMRists had their content stolen from a channel that came before us, this channel has no connections to that channel.

All models are paid 30$/hour for their time as well as given percentage of profit bonuses. If you would like to model for us, please email us at [email protected]

Thank you for helping us maintain a fun experience for viewers on Youtube. Please respect YouTubes guidelines in the comments, If you don't, we will have to remove you from the channel


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  • The ASMR Collective Wifey-Dragon-Momma -
  • The ASMR Collective -
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