Alana ASMR

Alana ASMR

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Hi there! Welcome to my ASMR channel.
I mainly create ASMR videos involving various triggers like whispering, mic brushing, mic scratching, hand sounds, finger fluttering, hand movements, and the like.
Get comfy, subscribe, and enjoy the tingles. ♡


𝗤: What is the wolf pack all about?
𝗔: The wolf pack is the name I've created for my lovely subscribers. I've loved wolves my whole life so it was only natural.

𝗤: Do you offer custom videos?
𝗔: I only offer a limited number of custom videos on Patreon. I would love to make more but I simply don't have time!

𝗤: Do you take requests?
𝗔: I do not take video requests but I am open to ideas.

𝗤: How old are you?
𝗔: I'm 28!
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