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Hey there, I'm Bryoni.
ASMR is an abbreviation for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It is a response or reaction to a certain sound, visual, or stimuli. ASMR can help individuals to reduce depression, insomnia, and anxiety. Alternatively, it can be used to help with relaxation for sleep and as a mechanism to help with studying.

I create ASMR videos with the intention of helping people to relax, un-wind, and sleep. ASMR can be used as an aid to assist with relaxation, studying, and de-stressing. You should seek professional help if you are struggling with your mental health. ASMR is by no means a viable treatment.

Here are some links that may help you:

Thank you for all your support. Stay Safe!

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๐Ÿ’— Bryoni ASMR is an ASMR video creator with over 13,600 subscribers. Bryoni ASMR joined YouTube 4 years ago, and has uploaded 419 ASMR videos with over 1,744,836 total views. Bryoni ASMR is from United Kingdom.


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