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Hi Guys! My name is WhisperingV & welcome to my channel! This is where I make weekly videos for all of you to enjoy!

My intention since the day that I began making ASMRotica was to create a genre of ASMR that is sensual, and that gives people tingles! To create videos and feelings that entertain people, and challenge us as erotic ASMRrtists. I genuinely enjoy making you guys happy, and producing great content!

PLUS ------------ if you like my Youtube channel, then you're going to LOVE my PATREON. This is where you can find even MORE ADULT CONTENT! I'm hoping that this can also help me make more videos! I put lots of time into each of my videos! I really try to give you guys my all, because I love you! My Patreon is a way for us to connect on that next intimate level, past Youtube. I have goals and life ambitions, and this is how you are able to help me.

My Patreon content will also keep you wayyy more entertained 'down there', if you know what I mean ;)


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