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👋 Hello There! I'm Jonie, welcome to my ASMR channel! I was previously known as "Whisper Latina" I live in Mexico in a town right in the Border With California, so you might notice my accent during my videos. I create videos to help you sleep, relax and have a peaceful moment. That is my main goal! ✨

📌 What you will find here: I Love creating ASMR Role Play, specially Medical themed. Along with Makeup, Hair and Personal Attention videos. Ear Cleaning, Otoscope and Various Medical Examinations are my top favorite to recreate.

📌 Video Schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12 PM Pacific Day Time.
📌 Exclusive Videos every Sunday at Patreon:
📌 Want Videos in Spanish? Find me in my Second Channel as "Murmullo Latino ASMR"

💡 What is ASMR? Autonomous sensory meridian response is an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation. Just wear your headphones and listen, it will help you fall asleep and relax.


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