ASMR Cherry Crush

ASMR Cherry Crush

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Hey!! welcome to my channel!

My channel is dedicated to ASMR, Relaxation, Meditation, & Sleep.

I make videos so you can experience a relaxing tingling sensation in your scalp
and the back of your neck that can extend into the rest of your body!!

I use many different triggers in my videos to stimulate your asmr!

For example!! -

Ear Eating ,Mouth Sounds, Kissing, Singing,
Meditation, Counting, Affirmations,Tapping, Humming,
Whispering, Rain Sounds, Crinkling, Crunching, Eating, Binaural
Recordings, 3D recordings, Diy, Tutorials, Vlogs, Makeup,
Role Play, Ear Massage , Ear cupping, Ear Cleaning, Gum Chewing,
Lip Smacking, Sleep aid, Soothing Voice, & much much more!

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

Hope you enjoy!

xoxox cherrycrush asmr

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