AmberCourt ASMR

AmberCourt ASMR

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A place for relaxation and tingles to make you comfy and cozy!

Hello friends! I'm AmberCourt and my goal is to give you a wonderful and dreamy experience using ASMR.


💗 AmberCourt ASMR is an ASMR video creator with over 26,700 subscribers. AmberCourt ASMR joined YouTube 3 years ago, and has uploaded 618 ASMR videos with over 4,818,039 total views. AmberCourt ASMR is from United States.


ASMR Tapping Scratching ASMR Tapping ASMR Scratching Mic Brushing Microphone Brushing Brushing ASMR Tingles ASMR Triggers Tingles Tingly Triggers Sleep Sleepy Relax Relaxation Whisper ASMR Whisper ASMR Mic Brushing Whispering Help You Sleep Background ASMR ASMR Background Mouth Sounds ASMR Mouth Sounds Finger Flutters ASMR Finger Flutters Nail Tapping ASMR Nail Tapping AmberCourt AmberCourt ASMR AmberCourt_ASMR

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