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Have you ever had your hair washed shampooed & massaged & felt an incredibly relaxing sensation from it? To the point you feel tingles? If you experienced that or something similar well congratulations theres a name for it! ASMR!

You may also experience it as you hear unique soft voices, tapping, brushing or certain SOOTHING EATING SOUNDS SUCH AS CRUNCHY CRISPY OR SOFT FOOD.

Almost all of us can experience it, itโ€™s a matter of u finding your own personal ASMR trigger.

I started watching ASMR to relieve anxiety as I do live with it daily. Now I am making ASMR videos for you babies!

As I try to bring SOOTHING COMFORT to you in one form or another, I am also expressing my love for food, no foods are off limits!

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๐Ÿ’— Christianna ASMR is an ASMR video creator with over 3,270 subscribers. Christianna ASMR joined YouTube 6 years ago, and has uploaded 69 ASMR videos with over 96,867 total views. Christianna ASMR is from United States.


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