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Hi! I've been making whispering and ASMR videos since 2012! If you're not totally sure what that is, it's purely a calming feeling some people feel when they hear certain sounds like whispering. Because of their relaxing nature, these videos are great for falling asleep as well. If you don't experience ASMR, that's fine! You're welcome to sit and relax in our positive environment.

I love video games and I primarily make relaxing ASMR featuring games. I edit all my gaming videos to not have any sudden or loud noises so you can relax the entire time. I hope you enjoy your time on my channel, my overall goal is to create a peaceful place where you can hang out and relax with some video games and whispers. You'll always be welcome here!



๐Ÿ’— JubileeWhispers is an ASMR video creator with over 238,000 subscribers. JubileeWhispers joined YouTube 10 years ago, and has uploaded 1,096 ASMR videos with over 58,885,694 total views. JubileeWhispers is from United States.


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