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My Name is Debora.

I upload ASMR videos when I have some time. I don't have a schedule, so sometimes I upload lots of videos and sometimes I don't. But I am always around Youtube.
Also I like to try different types of ASMR videos.

If you like to watch my videos and want more, please subscribe to my channel.

Bye for now😉👋

what is:
Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. A feeling that is produced when listening to certain sounds and/or looking at certain visual.

é a sigla para Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (em português significa “resposta sensorial autônoma do meridiano”), neologismo para uma experiência sensorial que consiste em uma sensação de prazer e relaxamento intenso bem característicos

(ASMR ) は、人が聴覚や視覚への刺激によって感じる、心地良い、頭がゾワゾワするといった反応・感覚。
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