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ASMR Alysaa

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Hi 💜 I'm Alysaa! An old school ASMRtist doing all types of ASMR content.

Currently posting lots of pov body massage videos and "Lofi Fridays" which is faster paced, a bit weird and with lots of camera touching from random objects.

My content incorporates lots of mouth sounds, word repeating and visual triggers for maximum tingles. I love making ASMR!

Some of my earlier original work includes, propless ASMR, the lying to you trigger, fire work hand movements with repeating colours, Netflix tv Tracing, nonsensical, twisted Reiki focus, mochi races, grasping trigger and over all spontaneous quirky fast paced ASMR.

I'm a super casual low key person, humble and grateful. I don't use big setups or heavy editing in my ASMR because I just like the casual nature of unscripted freestyle videos and I feel it gives the most tingles ✨


💗 ASMR Alysaa is an ASMR video creator with over 137,000 subscribers. ASMR Alysaa joined YouTube 8 years ago, and has uploaded 4,060 ASMR videos with over 33,266,584 total views. ASMR Alysaa is from Canada.


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