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What is one supposed to say in this section? Do I tell you that I used to eat egg shells and paper? However, I do love walking in the rain, impromptu handstands and nut butter., not necessarily all at the same time.

I’m lucky enough to still have my own eyebrows and teeth and my hair is twice as big as my head. I simply love the spaces in between; it's where you'll find me looking for subtlety, suggestion and snootches.

I'm at home with an axe or a chainsaw but equally happy with a book or a puzzle. I abhor sycophants and therefore, I couldn't give a sh.t about status or popularity.

Ever so slightly eccentric with a penchant for quirky and original. I don't care much for following the crowds or conforming to societal norms. I'm attracted to a sharp mind and authenticity.

Certified coffee snob and constantly in search of Narnia. Unlikely to grow up anytime ever.

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