ASMR short clips

ASMR short clips

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I want to share my beautiful experience with ASMR...

At first I thought ASMR was weird and the first ASMR artist I watched was tony bomboni, watching him make me felt some weird ticklish currents in my head and finally it is what they called tingles. So from that day on I got hooked to different ASMRtists and it helped me relax especially when I am tired at work. I am an insomniac and having this condition doesn't help me with my work schedules but when I watched asmr videos I can sleep. Oh thank God to asmr it really gives me peace of mind and calmness.

So if you like my content please subscribe to my channel if you are not interested no problem. Anyway I am online as much as I am awake so I'm always on the go to communicate with you guys in the comment box but not on a personal level.


Thanks. 😘😘😘
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