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asmr zeitgeist

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ASMR Zeitgeist provides you with high-quality ASMR video content to help you sleep and relax. Tingles guaranteed! ;D

ASMR (АСМР, 音フェチ) stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and describes a pleasurable tingling sensation on the scalp or spine triggered by various stimuli.

These triggers might be sounds like soft whispering, crinkly plastic, tapping or scratching different materials and many more.

The science behind this euphoric experience has to be further explored. Some reliable studies already suggest that it can be a powerful method to help people reduce depression, anxiety or insomnia.

This YouTube channel is dedicated to the zeitgeist of ASMR. My goal is to offer all the popular triggers in optimal sound quality and to break new grounds with an open mind and creativity. I want you to have the best possible ASMR!

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