Serenity Whisper ASMR

Serenity Whisper ASMR

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Welcome to my ASMR Channel, I create Role Play ASMR, such as painting your face, doctor check ups and doing your makeup, and also traditional ASMR videos including tapping, whispering, incoherent whispering & book readings.

ASMR - (be sure to check out the term on Wiki!) is an experience, which some people receive a tingling / tingles sensation across their head/scalp and neck, spreading down throughout the body, and a feeling of deep relaxation, others claim ASMR helps them to fully relax and can help them with their anxiety or feelings of restlessness.

My videos are for entertainment purposes and I intend for the to relax you, hopefully help you to sleep and bring you some lighthearted entertainment along the way.

I upload videos usually on a Sunday Evening at 7:30pm and a Thursday at 7:30pm (UK London Time) , however, I do sometimes drop extra videos out where possible, so be sure to subscribe to see all the content :)

Peace & Love
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