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Yvette ASMR

1. Yvette ASMR

ASMR relaxation, role play and general funs.


2. VivBeyer1111

Hi! I´m so happy that YOU found your way to my channel here on youtube. Please accept my very warm welcome. Feel free to browse through my videos...maybe you want to make yourself a hot cup of tea and sett...



Me llamo Sonia , pero me puedes llamar Nia. Espero que disfrutes de mis vídeos de ASMR ,relajación, charlas y ROLEPLAYS ,entre otras cosas de entretenimiento, tanto como a mí realizarlos! Te mando un dul...


4. WhispersUnicorn

Oh hi! My name is Ashlie and I make relaxation videos or the lesser known term "ASMR videos." My goal with creating these videos is to provide you with sights or sounds that soothe your tired brain. Wheth...

The Twinkie Artist

5. The Twinkie Artist

I take food porn and I make it literal. I try to combine ASMR with seductive eating.



Welcome to ASMR Pop With Anna. Together we will explore the different types of ASMR videos and sounds including gentle touching and tapping, whispering, eating, chewing, role play, ear tickling, and more....

Crystal Moon ASMR

7. Crystal Moon ASMR

Hey all my name is Crystal Moon im just a geeky gal wanting to help the world relax and catch up on so well earned sleep 🥰 I have always been fasinated and itrigued by ASMR and I wanted to be a part of suc...

Alexa Play ASMR

8. Alexa Play ASMR

Hello everyone! My name is Alexa and this is my ASMR YouTube channel. I love love love ASMR and have been experiencing it all of my life. I would love to get more involved in the ASMR community and connect...