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WhispersRed ASMR

1. WhispersRed ASMR

Welcome home 💜 Make yourself cosy, put your feet up and I'll pop the kettle on. ASMR Tingles ✨ Relaxation ✨ Sleep ✨ Sound Therapy ✨ Silence ✨ Peace ✨ Love ✨ Smiles Emma WhispersRed, Emma Smith, YouTube M...

Kasha ASMR

2. Kasha ASMR

★ASMR ★TAPPING ★ TINGLES ★ RELAXATION ★ MEDITATION ★COMFORTING ★ SOUND THERAPY ★ STRESS AID ★ SOFT VOICE ★ASMR for Sleep★ Welcome on my ASMR channel. I hope you will enjoy relaxation and tapping videos an...

Fairy Char ASMR

3. Fairy Char ASMR

Relaxation // Sleep // Tingles Hi everyone, my name is Char! I make ASMR videos. I have an assortment of medical, spa, beauty and many more roleplays to help trigger your ASMR.

Mouth Sounds

4. Mouth Sounds

Hello and welcome! My channel is for those who enjoy mouth sounds. I tend to focus mainly on eating, gum chewing, blowing, kissing, lip smacking and mouth sounds.

HunniBee ASMR

5. HunniBee ASMR

Hello :) This is an ASMR channel, which hopefully helps you either fall asleep or just feel relaxed ^__^ ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response which can feel like a tingling sensation on the...

Hungry Bunny

6. Hungry Bunny

Welcome Bunnies! In this channel I do ASMR eating / mukbang videos. Doing my best to upload often ❤ *Yes I do eat a lot sometimes but I try to do exercise/work out at least everyday. Let's enjoy the food b...

Vivi Alto

7. Vivi Alto

Canal de asmr en español. Seamos amigos, te ayudo a dormir:) Viva México :)


8. tangerin

Я делаю асмр ^_^ По вопросам рекламы и сотрудничества [email protected] или *признан экстремистской организацией в РФ



Delicious foods, satisfying sounds, and good vibes..