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1. ASMRrequests

My name is Ally. I am a huge supporter of the ASMR community. You will learn from my first video that I was not "born" with ASMR, but learned about it later in life and cultivated the ability to experience...

ASMR KittyKlaw

2. ASMR KittyKlaw

АСМР видео для сна, мурашек, релаксации, и отличного настроения! Вас ждет - ASMR шепот, ролевые игры, триггеры, итинг, сказки и многое другое! 🌙✨ Не забудьте надеть наушники! 🎧 ~ Если вы хотите поддержа...

Olivia Kissper

3. Olivia Kissper

You will find sleep hypnosis, psychedelic journeys and guided meditations for sleep. In those journeys, you will discover something about yourself or you’ll discover no self. All these guided hypnoses for...


4. MissASMR

You are here, then take a moment and relax. ASMR videos are like a journey to relaxation, they help to step into a world where the peace and relaxation rule :) I make my videos only to relax you and help y...

ASMR Art of Sound

5. ASMR Art of Sound

On my ASMR channel, you will find: - ear massages and ear cleanings (including twin and layered sounds videos); - personal attention videos with closeup whispers; - short and fun 100 ASMR triggers videos (...

MinxLaura123 ASMR

6. MinxLaura123 ASMR

Hi there! I am Laura from the U.K. I make #ASMR ( Autonomous sensory meridian response ) videos to help people sleep / relax and experience Tingly sensations! I like to make role play videos .. whisperi...



I game. You relax. That simple. Browse my homepage to find the video/playlist that's right for you. New videos every ★Tuesday★ ★Thursday★ ★Saturday★ 4pm Est. ★SUBSCRIBE here► ★Join my...

Julia ASMR

8. Julia ASMR

Видео каждый день в 18:00 МСК Благодарю каждого неравнодушного человека к моим видео. Я всегда счастлива услышать, что помогаю вам вдохновиться, расслабиться или просто уснуть, так как в этом и заключаетс...

Suvi Whispers

9. Suvi Whispers

Asmr 💤 Uusi video joka maanantai ja torstai ! New video every Monday and Thursday !