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ASMR Love Kitten 猫仙儿

1. ASMR Love Kitten 猫仙儿

Hi! ヾ(^∇^) I am Love Kitten! - I'm 22 years old. - Chinese (´,,•ω•,,) - I do not speak english very good (✿˵•́ ‸ •̀˵) If you don't want to miss my video, you can subscribe free! Big hugs n kisses!! Mu...


3. Aki秋水

Chinese ASMR 下载荔枝FM收听我哦👉🏻1833519

瞌睡熊SleepyBear ASMR

4. 瞌睡熊SleepyBear ASMR

-----------Chinese ASMR live daily broadcast------------- Here is a tip for all viewers, start to LEAR CHINESE and don't forget to support the sites at the description! Thanks a lot! 负责录制高人气主播的日...


5. 晓晓小UP ASMR

大家好,我叫晓晓,来自中国。I upload ASMR contents for your sleep and relaxing! :) ASMR is a relaxing experience using various visual and auditory stimulations. Thanks for watching and subscribe :D! Let's...