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ASMR Angel

1. ASMR Angel

I finally discovered what ASMR was after stumbling upon a video from Gentle Whispering. I'd always known that getting my eyes tested gave me tingles and that certain things relaxed me however I never knew...


2. Espe ASMR

💖(ASMRer) Hello lovelies :) Welcome to my Channel Im espe, im 25 and i love making asmr videos ... I like how it can help people who have had a bad day or just a stressful day relax...Asmr was something t...

ASMR Yoon ying 윤잉

3. ASMR Yoon ying 윤잉

편안하고 포근한소리가 담긴 asmr을 만듭니다



Welcome to my channel! My goal is to create ASMR videos to relax your mind and help you sleep! I really hope we can enjoy this together, me being the creator and you being the viewer/listener! I want to de...



Hello! My name is Sara, and my goal is to make videos that trigger your ASMR tingles! I enjoy listening to ASMR myself and frequently tingle at various different sounds. I love hearing sounds up close, the...

Casual & Comfy

6. Casual & Comfy

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ASMR Shanny

8. ASMR Shanny

Hi! My name is Shanny and welcome to my ASMR channel! I create videos that will help you relax and feel tingles! I will try to post at least once a week to start, and if I see an increase in views I wi...


9. WhispersUnicorn

Oh hi! My name is Ashlie and I make relaxation videos or the lesser known term "ASMR videos." My goal with creating these videos is to provide you with sights or sounds that soothe your tired brain. Wheth...