Visual ASMR ~ Making Sandwiches

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Published 1 year ago

This video is just me, making 14 different sandwiches. I'm disabling the comments on this video because of the number of people who got mad at my sandwich-making decisions and had to vent their spleen about it in the comment section. One person even said that my sandwiches were racist. They did not elaborate. I wasn't sure how to respond to that.

To answer the most frequently asked questions:

1. No, we don't use butter on our sandwiches in the USA (or, at least, not in my area)

2. Yes, all of the sandwiches will find a home. They won't be wasted.

3. No, I probably didn't use enough/used too much of something for your taste.

4. Yes, I know you want to debate my sandwich-making technique.

5. No, we're not going to do that.

6. Yes, I really made a video of me, making sandwiches.

7. Yes, I probably do need to get a life.

8. Yes, you just WATCHED a video of me, making sandwiches...Which means you may need to get a life, too. (Just kidding)

You can see my previous sandwich-making videos here:

And a meat-free version here:

I made this video because of a tingly experience I had as a child, watching my mom make sandwiches for a family trip we were going to take. It was so relaxing, watching her do that. I tried to replicate that experience here for you.

Don't overthink the video, or the individual sandwiches. Just relax and enjoy, if you can.


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