❀ Your Shy Dryad Girlfriend Wants to Heal the Forest ❀ ASMR (Soft Spoken British) - Patreon Preview

Daisy Banaisy ASMR
Published 1 week ago

Hello everyone ^___^ I hope you like the look of this! It's a little choppy but I feel like I'm getting a little better with special effects...also don't worry, I know I'm using the green screen a lot since I don't have the time/money with so many roleplay videos to create sets and multiple props for all of them, but I'm definitely still going to be doing traditional sets! And I'll be uploading regular audios again too of course, after this month ♥

♡ My Patreon if you'd like to support me! I have so much planned for this month oh boy, I've tried to make almost everything available to even $1 tier so check it out! https://www.patreon.com/DaisyBanaisyASMR

♥ If you want to see my cosplay content, shitposts or watch me play video gamesss then you can find me here!
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♡ My Discord Server: It's a very chill place we can all hang out and talk, about ASMR or anything really, it's such a lovely community! Feel free to come and join us https://discord.gg/FqFjrrg

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♥ My Patreons allow me to keep doing what I do, and I wouldn't be here without them :3 the biggest thanks to all of you, especially: Ace2589, Adam, Aito ASMR, Aldagaur, Alejandro, Alex, Alexa, Alphonse, Andre, Azrael, Bardrick, Ben, Brandon, Cain, Canny, Christian, Chuunimancer, CMS, Colten, Connor, Crack4Turtles, Craig, Dan, Daniel, David, Dreigonix, Eziofw, Fam-kun, Francisco, Gamer, Gary, H3rsh3yb4r, Idran, Imaginary Man, Jacob, Jake, Jared, Jesse, Joe, Jon, Joseph, Justin, Kae, Kevin, KHJ, Kyle, Luis, Luke, Mathew, Megashed, Michael, MikeTheHatter, Nick, Nocturne, Nova, Panko Breadcrumbs, Player Five, Ptor, Ralph, Rick, Royal Barrel, Sam, Sasori02, Scrungy Bungus, Shining Darkness, SoloWingKiba, Steven, Timrio, Suzuki, Uchake, and Xplodin Apple!


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