ASMR~Heartbeats for 3 Hours~Aggressive & Relaxing & Gentle Sounds

Published 4 years ago

*ASMR Midnight Freeze* Dear Frozen Dreamers, I've put together 3 Hours of Heartbeats and some Aggressive sounds when switching from ear to ear. This is looped after about 19 soothing minutes. There's only talking in the first 30 seconds (and not much). If you are curious how I maintain my weight, apparently it's with my tachy heartrate. My heart beats a bit faster than the normal human, but my breathing remained slow throughout, my movements calm. Enjoy!

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3 Hours Hair Sounds/Face Touching:

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My Frozen Dreamers deserve the best of ASMR, АСМР, AVRIC, or 音フェチ (depending on where you are from). Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is a sort of sensation that is described as pleasant, tingly, and relaxing. It may even help with insomnia! I use Rodes (NT1-A) and a 3Dio in my various videos to help elicit these tingly sensations. Typically I use my 3Dio for my Midnight Freeze videos and my Rodes for the book club readings.

Sweet Dreams!


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