The Art of Allowing ~ ASMR Affirmations

Miss Synchronicity
Published 4 years ago

Hello my loves. Wanted to share these 'the art of allowing' tips with you all as I too have fallen into a trap of trying to control everything in the past, especially if I feel I was the one to manifest it in the first place! Trying to control everything can be painful and we need to keep watch of our thoughts and how often we are thinking about the things that help us feel good and not the thoughts which make us feel bad. Watch yourself for using words like 'I struggle' and "my problem" and instead change them into "i'm much better at this now" etc etc. Also I understand there are a lot of you out there going through a difficult time, I wanted to let you know that I and many others care about you and the best you can do is keep being kind to yourselves, choosing good thoughts and practise positive affirmations daily!

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