Rain in the Woods (Nature Sounds Series #2) - Rain Sounds, Woodland Ambiance, Trickling Streams

Ephemeral Rift
Published 8 years ago

A relaxing journey through the woodlands during a rainy Autumn morning in late November while listening to the tranquil, natural sounds of rain & falling raindrops, the babbling brooks and water sounds of Rocky Run Stream and even various bird sounds including crows, all without music. There is a different scene every minute for a total of 13 nature scenes. Recorded in the beautiful and serene woodlands of Tyler Arboretum, Pennsylvania, 2011.

You will often hear the sounds of rain falling on an umbrella as that was the only way to keep the camcorder (and videographer) from getting completely drenched. Hopefully that sound will be more calming than annoying to hear.

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