ASMR 100 TRIGGERS *parody* - 100 mouth sounds in 10 minutes / Fast goes too far...

ASMR Darya
Published 5 years ago

This is a PARODY VIDEO. What will happen if you pick 2 popular trends in ASMR and shake it up? It might be important to be informed about Russian ASMR trends to understand this... Unfortunately, this is how people far away from ASMR quite often think about it. If you are new to ASMR, please do not think ASMR videos are all like this one. Please look into ASMR for yourself to see what it really means, instead of trusting others misconceptions or media's misinforming articles about it. Please explore other ASMR videos to experience other styles of videos, which range from simple sound triggers to complicated role plays and scenarios. Btw, personally I like some mouth sounds used in this video. But sometimes ASMR goes too far... Don't you think so?
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