Jekyll and Hyde ASMR Role Play for Tingles, Relaxation, and Sleep (3D Binaural)

Heather Feather ASMR
Published 8 years ago

Whoooooo are you? Who ooh who ooh? Hello everyone! This Halloween inspired ASMR role play takes place where my Laboratory Role Play left off, and features these potential triggers: 2 different soft speaking voices, writing sounds, page turning, glass sounds, latex glove sounds, matches and burning sounds, some liquid sounds, makeup sounds and application, clicking, and a heartbeat. The last 2-3 mins of this video took nearly 3 hours to put together. 0_0 I wanted to utilize the 3D mic the best I could, so I tried to travel a lot in this one. If you read my blog, you know that I considered trashing this role play. I got really deep in thought before doing it (I ended up writing a paper FOR MYSELF about identity, using Lord of The Flies, Batman, Harvey Dent, The Hulk, and of course Jekyl and Hyde), and when it turned out SO MUCH campier than I envisioned, I got a little down. However, I embraced the cheesiness that occurs from time to time in editing (and added some little sounds and effects to make it more so, hahaha). I also incorporated the mess that is my skin right now into it, mwahaha. I consider this my Troll 2 of role plays :P. Regardless of the acting and lack of skills in the special effects department, I really hope that this one makes you think, laugh, tingle, and sleep. Happy Viewing!
PS. There are an absurd amount of Easter Eggs in this, but I am not sure they will be easy for you to spot ;) Good luck!

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