🕊️ ASMR | Let's get coffee together at Cooper's Coffeehouse!

Published 1 month ago

Hi everyone! It's been a long time!

This is a project I started working on before I took my long hiatus to enjoy my pregnancy and my new baby :) This was filmed at a location called Cooper's Coffeehouse in Second Life.

As many of you know, Second Life is super special to me. I'm also a huge fan of ambiance videos, and this was my first attempt to sort of merge SL, ASMR, and ambiance. This was also my first attempt at capturing video footage within SL, and was actually recorded way back in April of 2021.

Sadly, Cooper's no longer exists within Second Life, but there are so many other interesting places to explore inworld. If you've ever been curious about Second Life, it's never too late to go check it out! The metaverse is upon us, after all.

I hope you enjoy this quaint little coffee date with me! 💜


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