I'll be Live on WMMR radio's Preston & Steve Show Thursday February 27th @ 7AM EST

Ephemeral Rift
Published 8 years ago

For anyone that's interested (or has nothing better to do) I'll be on WMMR radio's Preston & Steve Show this Thursday February 27th during the 7AM EST hour (4AM Pacific, 12-1PM UK). I have no idea what's planned, as it's not a TV Interview, but they did want to know about the community and asked me to bring props!

Preston & Steve Show: http://www.wmmr.com/shows/preston-and-steve/

If you don't get the radio station, I believe the show is streamed Live on their website. I do know they also podcast their shows, so that would be up on their website as well later in the day at some point.

Thanks for watching and wish me luck, my nerves are gonna need it!

- E. R.

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