♣ ASMR Return to wonderland... Role play ♠ [Clock ticking sounds]

Miss Chloe ASMR
Published 8 years ago

--- This contains clock ticking noises! For those of you that don't like clock sounds - this may not be for you! :* ---
Return to wonderland and visit the Cheshire cat! And isn't she happy to see you again :)
A bit experimental with the accent :P A fun halloween-y type idea I had :) Hope you like!

Grandfather clock was served by the freesound project and produced by www.digifishmusic.com . / http://freesound.org/people/digifishmusic/sounds/32937/

These videos were created for entertainment purposes. To find out more
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Cheshire cat character portrayal from Lewis Caroll book.
Reference to 'Alice in Wonderland (1951)' which is copyrighted Walt Disney Productions

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Miss Chloe x


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