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Published 4 years ago

Welcome back to my channel everyone!! If you're just returning, I'm grateful for another chance to potentially relax you. If you're new, welcome to our family. This is a "SAFE PLACE", so please be nothing but yourself. You are always welcome with open arms as a place to relax, laugh, and love. We don't deal with hate or disrespect here. There a difference between bullying, and having an opinion. So again, welcome. We're here for you.

Tonight's video is a simple Oracle Card reading, using the Goddess Oracle Deck. If you've watched my Oracle/Tarot readings before, you know I don't bullshit regarding the "new age" movement. I believe that your intentions draw your card and depict your situation based on how you manifest/believe it.

I will be drawing three cards signifying your past of the situation you're asking about, present, and future. My belief with these videos is that the reading is for anyone, whether you click on this video today, or you're reading this years from now, the reading and intent was and will always remain the same, again, it is how YOU depict it.

This video features a Himalayan Salt Lamp, sent by the same creators I worked with called "MomoUp" if you remember. The brand for this salt lamp is called "Levoit", and I'll be reviewing the lamp at the end of this video, although the lamp itself is used throughout. Since the lamp was brand new, the energy with it will always remain positive unlike crystals, as Himalayan salt constantly releases negative ions, clearing any negative energy in the room. I'll list more about that and where you can buy it below. The crystals used in this video were also recharged during this years Solar Eclipse on August 21st, 2017, and during our last full moon prior. I like the keep the energy clear and neutral, so the reading remains easier to breakdown for the person receiving it.

So sit back, please relax, and take this how you will. Please know that I truly love you with ALL of my person, and I will see you tomorrow xo

You can buy the Himalayan Salt Lamp here for $35.99, but use the code "SS9CUWWV" for a discount!:

Benefits of a Himalayan Salt Lamp are as follows:

- Salt Lamps Cleanse & Deodorize the Air
- Reduce Allergy & Asthma Symptoms
- Eases Coughing
- Increase Energy Levels
- Neutralize Electromagnetic Radiation
- Better Sleep
- Improve Mood & Concentration
- Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder
- Reduce Static Electricity in the Air

This lamp comes with THREE bulbs (included a pre installed one), incase it goes out over the years.. and includes a tap switch, and dimmer switch. I highly recommend this for people in small apartments and college dorms, as the lamp is small but powerful.


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