.○◕ Relaxing Soap Making ◕○. Binaural ASMR (Soft Speaking, Whispering, Ear to Ear, Crinkling)

Published 8 years ago

Hello my friends & fellow Tingleheads! :D I've got a new video for you and, in it, I claim to have never done a soap making video before. Well, for those loyal viewers who have been watching for a while, you will know that I have, in fact, made a soap making video before (linked here: https://goo.gl/8gAELX). I totally forgot about that one! But, I will say that this new video is a more proper soap making video, in that I actually mixed and colored the soaps myself and used much nicer molds for the shapes, as opposed to a thrift store ice cube tray. :P I hope you find it relaxing and tingly, enjoy!

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Common triggers included: soft speaking / spoken, whispering, crinkling, tapping, stirring

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