ASMR: (relaxing)Binaural, Layered Simulation of ADHD

Published 8 years ago

For those of you having trouble... please know this is not something to focus on. this is not a story, this is not a meditation or a roleplay. this is simply a theme used as a medium for layering sound to induce the haze of ASMR. this was intended to be a layered effect to get lost in, like a labarynth. Not anything to actually focus on.... because in the world of ADHD, "focus" is the real F-word.
Hey my dears, this is Hailey WhisperingRose with an ASMR inducing look into ADHD. I am an advocate for people who suffer from it as I am one of those people myself. This is a little look into how my brain works every day... incorporated into layered ASMR. I hope you find it relaxing and enjoy it for the novelty of what it is.

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