asmr $60 aliexpress stationary haul

BellaTrixie ASMR
Published 5 years ago

sorry about last night I uploaded this and then took it down do to my lacking editing skills. I left a 3 minute clip of me adjusting the camera and the audio was messed up D:

hi peeps! happy finals week! I didn't think I was going to film this week because I have so much to do but I found an opportunity to get this out there :) hope you guys enjoy


travel stickers in square box:

origami stickers:

nature stamps:

pinky swear stamp:

wooden date/meal stamps:

coffee stickers (didn't arrive yet):

washi tape:

water colors:

stamp stickers/botanical/flower in square box:

the large packs of stickers i purchased are not available apparently :(

name: ysabel
age: 20
camera: canon t6i
mic: tascam dr-40


asmr whispering

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