ASMR - Federal Election & Voting - Australian Accent - Chewing Gum & Describing in a Quiet Whisper

Aussie ASMR Man
Published 4 years ago

An Australian man's voice (#AussieASMRMan) is quietly whispering and chewing gum as he discusses voting in Australia's federal election. Ballot papers for both houses of parliament (House of Representatives and the Senate) are shown and discussed. Autonomous sensory meridian response (#ASMR). The discussion includes how to complete each ballot paper, plus how the preferential voting system works in the House of Representatives. All the discussion is done in a quiet whisper, while #chewinggum.

This video uses the Blue Yeti microphone for the audio. The video portion is recorded on a Olympus Stylus camera.


Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response asmr whisper relax meditate ballot papers lower house upper house Senate house of representatives softly spoken quiet talking australian Federal Election Saturday 18 May 2019 chewing gum facts Educational Politics sleep tutorial pleasurable tingling

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