ASMR Girlfriend Roleplay ~ Skye Art Blue Mountain Triangulation Cuddling With Me On The Couch Kisses

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Published 4 years ago

Last time we did some art together it was really fun! I really enjoyed it so I'm all to happy to cuddle up on the couch with you, and try a new project I am really excited about!

Lets see what we can come up with this time, using the same poly triangulation to create a spectacular landscape image ~ one we can really immerse ourselves in! And afterwards of course, cuddles and kisses!

Hey guys! So you really seemed to enjoy our last little "Skye Art" project, and I thought it was time we cuddle up and do another one! I hope you like the image I chose; I saw this and just knew it was perfect for this.... hope you enjoy the audio as well!

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ASMR Girlfriend Roleplay ~ Skye Art Blue Mountain Triangulation Cuddling With Me On The Couch (Kisses & Cuddles)

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