ASMR ROLEPLAY - The alchemist witch, luck potion 🍀 tons of bewitching triggers for you !

Lushious Addiction ASMR
Published 1 year ago
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*-Soon in french too-*

Hey sweetie pie~
Meet Lushious the alchemist witch, who will craft a luck potion just for you !

I've had lots of fun doing this roleplay. Hope you will enjoy it as much !
That's a character I'd like to use again, if you liked her.

Learned quite a bit along the way (green screen, layered sounds and trying some fx)
Also, as requested, I tried to record the sound the loudest possible. Tell me if you liked it better this way =)

Kiss & Love

Background by artist Kemi Neko
Fx video during the light triggers found on


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