ASMR Hair Brushing Role Play ~ Playing With Your Hair

Published 8 years ago

In this video, I brush and play with your hair and give you a little one-on-one attention as I tend to your gorgeous hair. ;))

This is my first face-to-face video so I was a bit nervous, hope you understand!! :/

Many people find hair brushing and hair play to be very relaxing even if it doesn't induce asmr, so even if you don't experience asmr, I hope you will find this video will help with your stress and relaxation.

I used to get asmr all the time during grade school class when my classmates would chew gum or rummage through their pencil cases. I might do a rummaging video because I find those sounds so spontaneous and tingle inducing ^-^

My goal is to calm you down and give you a teeensy escape from the day to day. :) I hope you enjoyed this asmr video.


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