12 Days of Role Plays: Day 3 - Candy Shop - ASMR - Soft Speaking, Crinkling, Tapping, Sticky Fingers

Published 8 years ago

Hey, Tingleheads! Welcome to Day 3 of 12DoRP! The special day is fast approaching, and your guest will be arriving soon. Always the generous host, you decide to stop in to a candy store to pick them out a sweet treat! But be careful as you browse to heed the fortune teller's warning, and don't overindulge! You wouldn't want to get a cavity... P.S. please pardon the couple of green screen errors in this, I wanted to stay on schedule so I didn't have enough time to fix them before uploading! :P

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Common triggers included: soft speaking, whisper, sticky fingers, crinkle sounds, eating sounds, tapping

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